Colleges Aren't the Only Places That Offer Higher Education

Colleges Aren't the Only Places That Offer Higher Education

Almost Time For Your Child To Start Preschool? How To Get Them Ready

by Beth Bowman

You are making a good choice sending your child to preschool, as it will get them ready for kindergarten. If your child has never been away from you or has never been to a daycare, you can help get them ready. This will help things go easier for them, as well as you. Below are some tips that you should find helpful.

Start the Morning Routine Early

Your child has likely been able to sleep in as long as they wanted. Even though they probably already get up early, they will not have to worry about rushing about to get out the door on time. Start about a week ahead of time getting them up at the same time each morning, getting them dressed, eating breakfast, and getting their things together. This can help them get into a routine so there will not be a lot of stress on the first day.

Plan Social Activities

If your child has been home with you since they've been born, you need to make sure they can work well with other children. They need to learn how to share and how to be respectful. Try to set up play dates with other children in the neighborhood, or enroll them in a tumbling class.

Use Pretend Play

Start out being the teacher with your child as the student. Act out common routines, such as what they will do when they arrive in the morning, taking off their coat, having story time, and taking naps. Let your child be the teacher and you be the student to make it fun.

Teach Them to Do Things on Their Own

Your child should be able to do some things on their own, such as taking their coat on and off each morning, putting up their backpack, putting their shoes off and on, using the toilet, washing their hands, and using utensils during lunchtime. If your child does not have these skills, practice with them each day until they learn them.

Read Books

There are many books for children about starting daycare that you and your child can read together. Go to the library and let them choose the books they want to read. Your child will have the opportunity to express their fears and ask you questions. Make sure some of the books you read together are about a child's first day of preschool and how they felt. Knowing other kids are likely feeling the way they do can help them.  

Visit the preschool ahead of time with your child and spend time there. Knowing what to expect when they walk through the door on the first day can ease their fear. Contact a business, such as the Foundations Child Development Center Inc, for more information.     


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Colleges Aren't the Only Places That Offer Higher Education

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