Colleges Aren't the Only Places That Offer Higher Education

Colleges Aren't the Only Places That Offer Higher Education

4 Facts About Montessori Child Care

by Beth Bowman

Dropping your child off at a child care center can allow you to get back to work so you can earn money to support your family. Some parents feel nervous at the idea of separating from their young child, but choosing an excellent daycare can help you feel confident in your decision. Montessori child care centers are child-focused, putting the needs of kids first and foremost. Here are four things that are true about Montessori daycares:

1. Children are treated as individuals

At a Montessori child care center, kids are treated as individuals. The Montessori philosophy recognizes that no two kids are exactly alike. Like all people, kids have their own strengths, personalities, and interests. Montessori child care strives to provide the best experience possible for each individual. For instance, kids who enjoy art will be encouraged to participate in art projects. Social children will be encouraged to spend time playing and talking with others. At a Montessori daycare, your child's talents and skills will be fostered.

2. Children are encouraged to learn

Montessori daycare is not preschool, but kids will nevertheless be encouraged to learn. Kids learn through play, storytelling, their peers, and more. Montessori daycares present kids with a variety of enriching activities. Kids will be encouraged to work on tasks that suit their interests and needs at a particular time. This freedom can teach kids how to direct their learning experience, and adults will be available to supervise and assist kids whenever needed.

3. Children are given real tasks, not busy work

Even young children thrive when given responsibilities. Small responsibilities can teach kids to manage their time and to be mindful of other people. However, kids may balk if given busy work that serves no purpose. This is why Montessori child care centers allow kids the experience of completing important tasks that matter. Kids are encouraged to help with age-appropriate tasks that contribute to the class and the daycare space itself. These age-appropriate responsibilities can help kids feel more grown-up and give them a sense of pride in their accomplishments.

4. Children are taught to coexist peacefully

Early childhood is a time when kids are still developing their social skills. Kids aren't born with important skills, such as sharing and making friends. Fortunately, daycare is a great time for kids to learn these things. Montessori daycare will allow kids to practice getting along with others.


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Colleges Aren't the Only Places That Offer Higher Education

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