Colleges Aren't the Only Places That Offer Higher Education

Colleges Aren't the Only Places That Offer Higher Education

  • Is Your Child Ready For Kindergarten This Fall?

    Kindergarten is an important milestone for both children and parents as they take the first step in their formal education. Kindergarten helps a child develop social, emotional, and academic skills. Preparing your child for kindergarten requires a big effort both from you and your child. But how do you know if your child is ready for kindergarten this fall? Here are some factors that will help you determine if your child is ready for kindergarten or if you should hold off another year.

  • 3 Advantages Of Entering The Ayn Rand Anthem Essay Contest

    Ayn Rand is known worldwide as an author of several novels. To keep her legacy alive, the Ayn Rand Scholar List connects with students all over the globe. As part of the initiative, students have the opportunity to participate in an essay contest with an essay based on one of her novels. Students in eighth grade and above can enter the contest. One of the three essay contests to consider is based on the book Anthem.

  • Digital Reality Courses

    Online digital reality courses can be used to improve your skill level and potentially make you eligible for an advance in your career. Programmers, application developers, and other professionals who work with computers may benefit by participating in some online courses. Digital Reality Digital reality is an umbrella term that includes panoramic visuals, virtual reality, augmented reality, and mixed reality. These technologies use graphics and 3-D concepts that are representative of reality.

  • 4 Facts About Montessori Child Care

    Dropping your child off at a child care center can allow you to get back to work so you can earn money to support your family. Some parents feel nervous at the idea of separating from their young child, but choosing an excellent daycare can help you feel confident in your decision. Montessori child care centers are child-focused, putting the needs of kids first and foremost. Here are four things that are true about Montessori daycares:

  • 4 Tips For Enrolling Your Child In Kindergarten

    If you have a child who is approaching kindergarten age, you might be wondering about what you should do to get him or her enrolled This is a big step for your family, but if you follow these tips, you can help make sure that everything goes smoothly. 1. Consider Preschool If you are planning ahead about enrolling your child in kindergarten, it might not be too late to think about preschool.

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Colleges Aren't the Only Places That Offer Higher Education

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